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Mat corner designs cut with a knife

Traditional, hand-cut corner designs can now be cut with our computerized machinery  Not burned into the mats with lasers or ground into the mat with routers, our corner designs are all cut with a knife..a very precise and fast knife!.  Limited only by the blade, our corner designs consistently duplicate their hand-cut versions.  The special mat corner designs that follow are available on-demand.

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Special Corners 8x10

Mats Can Be Exciting

Although we usually feature the image not the mat, the mat can be an integrated part of the framed piece rather than a "bystander". It can set the stage for the image.  It can accent the image. All of our mats with special corners are cut with a knife.  The are not stamped out or produced with a laser.  You get a beautiful special corner with bevel cut edges just like the mat opening itself.  A wonderful hand-made appearance. Available in multiple colors in our best selling Tru-White™ core mat that is not just acid-free, it is lignin-free and buffered with calcium carbonate as well. All mats are standard 4 ply.


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