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Yes, My Name Is Bing

Yes, my name is really Bing-with a capital B. There are many versions of how I got the name including my mothers chance meeting with Bing Crosby while they were both waiting for a train. That explanation has the potential for some gossip but was really much simpler. It was also reported that it came from a contest naming the new baby between my 17 year old brother and my 15 year old sister who were not particularly happy to share the spotlight..

Regardless, I have always been Bing. Even my grandchildren just call me Bing. There have been a few Bing pretenders. People who used Bing as short for Bingham. Or, a few people with the nickname Bing. We really did not bother each other. I even tried to get 10 or so years ago. It was owned by some other company that had Bing in their name. I did not have any spare change lying around to try to purchase it.

So, I invented Ask Bingmany years ago when I first moved onto the internet, actually even before the internet. I have used it to support and help some get into business for themselves. It has been a good name for someone in business--easy to remember--and I have grown quite fond of it. I am going to keep it. Pretenders usually grow tired and disappear because they are not really Bing.

Ask Bing


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