Mat cutter makes precut mats, custom bulk mats, precut wholesale picture mats, photo mats, picture frames, black picture frames and backing from the finest mat board and foam core. Our art mats are perfect complement to any picture frame, photo frame, or poster frame.
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Question:What size bag do I order?
Answer:he bags are designed to work with a mat(or double mat or "Very Thick" mat) and a foam core back. If you have mats with an outside dimension of 8x10, you would order an 8x10 bag.

Question:How do I order?
Answer:Online products are only available through the online store. Because of the number of variations of colors and sizes in our Wholesale/Bulk program, we request that you phone, fax or email your orders for these products.

Question:Does opening have bevel window?
Answer:Yes-All online mats have beveled windows. Wholesale/bulk mat window opening is normally beveled unless you specify otherwise. The outside edges of all mats are straight cut.

Question:What is the minimum order?
Answer:Our One-Step program starts at one mat. The 10 pak precut mats come in packages of 10. The Bulk Custom program requites a minimum of 25 identical mats(the same size-outside and window-and the same color).

Question:What size mats are available?
Answer:Through our wholesale/bulk program we provide any size up to 28" x 36"

Question:Will you do sizes not listed on the price list?
Answer:Absolutely! Although our online store offers standard sizes, our bulk/wholesale program offers any outside and window dimensions. Modern robotics can provide almost any shape, size and number of windows you want.

Question:How do I determine price?
Answer:One the One-Step site site, all prices appear when you select a quantity. On the 10pak site prices and quantities appear when you select a color. In the bulk division, price is based upon the outside dimensions of your mat. When using a bulk price list use the size guide to find one that matches the outside dimensions of your mat and read price along quantity scale. If your mat size is not listed, use the "mats/sheet" column to find a mat size that matches your mat. The "mats/sheet" is based upon the number of mats we can get out of a 32" x 40" sheet of mat board. If you are unsure, simply use the next higher size for an estimate.

Question:Does opening have to be standard size?
Answer:No, it can be any size you need through our wholesale/bulk program. In fact, it can be almost any shape or number of openings (add $0.20 per mat for each opening above one).

Question:What matboard brands can I get?
Answer:Our online store offers Masterpiece standard core, black core and 100% cotton archival rag mats. We stock Masterpiece Matboard, Crescent and Bainbridge through our wholesale/bulk program.

Question:How long for delivery?
Answer:Online orders are usually shipped in 2 to 5 working days. Standard shipment for bulk/wholesale is 10-15 working days. For bulk/wholesale, we also have Expedited, Express and Extraordinary shipment in 7-9 working days, 4-6 and 24-72 hours respectively. Time in transit will vary based upon UPS shipping schedule to your specific location.

Question:What is cost of freight?
Answer:Online orders calculates your freight in your cart and upon checkout. Wholesale/bulk orders are shipped USPS priority mail or United Parcel Service. Rates will be approximately 15% of the invoice amount based upon the actual weight of the shipment after production.

Question:What is price of double mats?
Answer:Double mats attached to each other are available online are as shown. For wholesale/bulk, we consider a double mat simply two mats because the dimensions change. Therefore, you take the single mat price and double it. Since many of our customers do not want the mats attached to each other so they can control the finished color combinations they keep in stock, attaching of double mats is an option. Add 15% to the cost of the mats for attaching.

Question:Is the matboard acid-free?
Answer:All mat board stocked by conforms to industry standards. They are marketed as acid neutral or "acid free" by their manufacturers. There is a lot of confusion over the terms "acid-free" and "acid-neutral". Technically, only matboard made of cotton fiber commonly called "Cotton Rag" is truely acid-free. All other matboard, the majority produced in the United States, is made from trees, a naturally acidic material. This matboard is treated with calcium carbonate so it tests "acid neutral". Calcium Carbonate retards the aging process not only due to the mat board material but the environment as well. All mat board will deteriorate in time with "rag" deteriorating the least. Simply beware of products touted as "100% Acid Free, Archival Mats", they are often standard core "acid neutral mats". If you have a piece of art that is precious in a monetary or emotional sense, use true archival products you can trust or take it to a conservation expert. Conservation framing includes many factors beyond rag versus non-rag. The glues used to bind the single-ply sheets together, the type of inks used, top and bottom cover papers, presence of alum and type of picture frame and glass are all conservation issues.

Question:What about overages?
Answer:Online store quantites are as shown-usually packs of 10 mats. Small overages can occur in the wholesale/bulk program. If we cut into a large, 32 x 40 sheet of matboard, we complete cutting the entire sheet. For example, if you order 25-8 x 10's, we cut two sheets of matboard (16-8 x 10's per sheet). After cutting, they will go to quality control for inspection where a mat or two may be rejected due to blemishes in the paper or some other reason. We guarantee that you will be shipped no less than the 25 you order, nor more than the 32 we cut. You will be charged for all mats shipped to you.

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