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Photography Oriented Organizations

Photography Oriented Organizations

Photography, as most art forms, has a huge number of organizations devoted to promoting the art.

Some diverse national organizations are:

The Canadian Association of Photographic Art

National American Nature Photography Association Community

International Association of Panoramic Photographers

Photographic Society of America

Women in Photography International

The Society for Photographic Education

Although computer screens are limited in showing any original art form, they are more suited to photography than most other art forms.  Therefore, there is an endless list on Google for photographic oriented sites.  However, there are also an endless number of sites that are only email collection centers.


Some of my favorite sites are the ones that are obvious and we often ignore:

Library of Congress

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

The Ansel Adams Gallery

National Geographic Magazine

There are still printed magazines for photography.  One of my favorites is Nature Photography Magazine (

Photography seems to be grounded even more by local photography clubs.  Searching Google for "photography clubs" presents a list of 67,300,000 results.  A bit more than I can list for you here.  However, searching by your city or local area will most probably list at least one in your area.

Ask Bing


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