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10 Pak Pre cut Mats
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Mat Specials

Single and double mats, standard, economy, archival, overstocks and special buys are available. They are all standard grades of mat board we have in-stock.  All are top quality manufactured mats.  They are discounted for several reasons.  One, we may have ordered too much.  Or, they are left over mat board from a large job.  Or, they may be "orphened colors"...colors we cannot restock again because we have changed suppliers or the manufacturer has discontinued the color.   These are all great  buys...even cheap! All are heavily discounted whether the finest cotton museum mats or the least expensive mat board.. Check back often...they change continuously.

Sub Categories:

Cotton & Conservation Specials!

Cotton, Museum Grade Mats

Yes, cotton rag does come in colors. The color is through out the mat(top color, bottom color and bevel color). Dying cotton mats produces wonderful heather-like tones. Not bright and garish, soft and luxiurious. Click here for these archival cotton mats and some other archival paper mats as well.  All first quality.

MAT ONLY-Picture Frame Mat Specials

Basic matboard we have accumulated for sale cheap

Single mats in standard and economy categories. Becauser we do a lot of mat business including large and small contract work, we accumulate small quantities of first qualiy mat board we simply do not use in our in-stock, web platform.  They can be overruns and even a few mistakes.  Make our mistake your good fortunate! First come, first served.


About our Online Catalog...

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Due to color variations of different monitors, colors shown are approximate only.

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