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Tapes specifically designed for mat and framing industry

Framer's Tape: Comes in clear, great for all projects.  It has an archival grade adhesive that has no harmful plasticizers on a polyurethane carrier.  Framer's Tape II is used to hinge prints to backings or mats and hinge mats to backs.  It is thinner than traditional archival linen tapes and stronger than traditional paper hinging tape.  The strength is both a positive and can be a negative.  Paper hinging tape is a traditional archival method of attaching prints to mats or backs.  It use is based on the theory that if the picture is jarred, falls off the wall, the hinging tape will tear before the print paper does, thus protecting the print. However, on the other hand, paper hinging tape is questionable for larger or heavier prints. Manufacturer claims Framer's Tape can be 'removed with minimal heat". Although true, I have found that it can be difficult depending on the type of paper used with the print.  Roll is 1" wide by 180 feet long.


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Acid Free Framer's Tape--Clear
Clear tape for attaching prints to backing or mat. 1 roll(1" x 180') Archival grade adhesive. Manufactuers says tape can be removed with minimal heat.

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