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Standard Picture Frame Backs Are A Necessity

Standard picture frame backs come in three varieties:  Acid Free Foam Core, Self-Adhesive foam core and Utility, paper based, backs.  You need a back to a picture frame. You need a back to a print in a clear bag to prevent damage.  Plus, it helps to hold the print and mat upright. It also provides an "envelope" that helps control humidity and temperature variations in a framed piece. Click on image to select back sizes and colors.

Sub Categories:

Standard Backs

Standard Acid-Free Backs

Developed for the silk screen industry, Foam Core is a lightweight and easy to cut material used as backing for photographic prints and other images and is a backing used in picture framing. It resists moisture and warping. Great when selling outdoors and/or other changing humidity conditions. The backing most used by our customers. Acid Free foam core is two acid-free facing sheets (top and bottom) over a thicker, approximately 1/8" or 3/16":, core of polyurethane foam. Foam core comes in four grades:  Cotton Rag Covered , Conservation Paper Covered, Standard Acid Free and Economy grades. For a thinner back, we also offer acid free White and black alpha cellulose backs.  See Ask Bing "Backing Board in Picture Framing" for more detailed backing information.

Self-Adhesive Foam Core

Self-adhesive foam core in White and Black

Self-adhesive foam core is 3/16 inch foam with a paper cover mounted on the back and front.  One side has adhesive protected by a peel-off cover sheet. Adhesive covers the entire one side so customers usually mount a print that is the same size as the foam core or they order foam core the same size as the outside dimensions of their mat.  In this way, they can mount their print and "mount" their mat as well.  The face papers are acid-neutral and come in black.

PAPER BASED (Non Archival) Backs

Thinner than foam core and still stiff

Utility backing is approximately the thickness of mat board.  Like mat board, it is a paper based product.  It comes in black single and double thick and white single thick.  Although usually not used in larger pieces unless it is a framed piece, utility backing is userful when the rabbet of the frame is too small to accommodate foam core.  It has a smooth surface.  Unlike vendors who use a "guillotine" cutter to cut stacks of backs at the same time, our backs are cut precisely and cleanly on our CNC machinery.  The outside dimensions are extremely exact so no extra cutting is required...our mats and backs are precisely the same size so the back does not "peak" out below the mat.  Utility backing is a staple of our industry.  We have sold the same backing material for decades. Single thick is about .050 on an inch, about the same as a 4 ply mat.


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