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Picture Frame Backs Are A Necessity.

No one sees the back.  No, but your prints are attached to it!  You essentially lay your print on the back.  If the image you are framing is only a casual print you will discard, don't worry about it. Use economy materials.  If it is an image you would like to keep for a little while, use Standard backing material.  If a print cost you a lot, or it has sentimental value or you just like your framing to remain fresh and bright, use archival backs. Click on image to select back sizes and colors.

Sub Categories:

Archival Picture Frame Backs

Archival Back Choices Are Diverse.  

You have multiple choices even in archival mats.  Make it simple, match the backing materials to the mat material you will use.  In other words, if you are buying PRESERVATION grade mats, use either actual cotton raq backs or our cotton covered archival foam core.  If you are using CONSERVATION grade materials, you can use backs that are ,made of alpha-cellulose.  Our value line backs will do just fine.  Or, order, archival foam core with archival paper face material. Your can use cardboard if you wish.  No one will notice, at first.  Deterioration will occur and you won't see either at first.  But it will be there. Click on image to select mat sizes and colors.

Standard Picture Frame Backs

Standard Picture Frame Backs Are A Necessity

Standard picture frame backs come in three varieties:  Acid Free Foam Core, Self-Adhesive foam core and Utility, paper based, backs.  You need a back to a picture frame. You need a back to a print in a clear bag to prevent damage.  Plus, it helps to hold the print and mat upright. It also provides an "envelope" that helps control humidity and temperature variations in a framed piece. Click on image to select back sizes and colors.

Economy Backing

Economy Secret Is Good Backing Materials versus Bad Backing Materials

You've already made the decision that the image you have is fine, you like it.  However, if ruined, it could be printed again..  Or, it is just something you like now but are not planning to keep "forever".  Our economy backings are designed for framing.  Although not acid free and not archival, they are still made from quality materials.  Thinking about using cardboard?  Think about your newspaper when it is left out in the sun.  That will give you a glance into the near future.  If it is worth framing, you will want it to look decent for, at least, a little while. Click on image to select back sizes and colors.


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