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Multi media has come to the picture frame industry

Our multi-media mats cover the gamut from hot stamp foil printing, carved mats, vgroove designs, lettermats and fabric mats. Although standard designs are available, we encourage inquiries about custom work.   Just call 1-800-385-6540 and ask for Bing.

Sub Categories:

Imprinted Picture Frame Mats

New technology offers imprinted designs without the need for a die

Imprinted mats are the digital equivalent of the old style hot melt stamping that required a die The die was additional cost and it had limitations on their size.  We now can print single color designs, logos and lettering without the expense of a die.  Further, we can print items that are up to 2" high and 10" wide.  We also have a wider variety of metallic colors we can print on the mats:  gold, silver, red, black and blue.  if you need a different color, check back with us as we expect new color introductions.  The following sizes and designs are print on demand, standard designs.  We welcome projects that involve custom designs of your own.  email .

Carved Picture Frame Mats

Stock and custom designs now available at®

"Carved" mats are designs executed by actually cutting the mats with a blade.  Our computer controlled machines can do amazing work limited only by the blade.  Awards for dance, sailing, ballet,  soccor, basketball are all available in addition to church and environmental awards.  Following are "stock" designs available on demand.  We also encourage you to send us your design you want cut into a mat.  Please contact us at . 

Picture Frame Mats with Special Corners

Mat corner designs cut with a knife

Traditional, hand-cut corner designs can now be cut with our computerized machinery  Not burned into the mats with lasers or ground into the mat with routers, our corner designs are all cut with a knife..a very precise and fast knife!.  Limited only by the blade, our corner designs consistently duplicate their hand-cut versions.  The special mat corner designs that follow are available on-demand.

Picture Frame Mats with VGrooves

Vgroove mat designs can accent any image

Vgrooves are a traditional decoration of custom mats. They are created by cutting a bevel cut half through the mat  and then returning to cut the mirror image of the bevel cut in such a way that the bottom of the two cuts meet each other creating a "v groove" in the surface of the mat.  With the advent of computerized, knife cutting machinery; we can do much more than a simple v groove around the window of that mat.   We can now create beautiful mat design that not only accentuate the mats, they can set the mood for your image.  You can create designs that reproduce old designs on mats with vintage photographs or create modern designs that bring an image to life. Come back often to see our expanding vgroove selection and sizes. Click on design below to see more v groove offerings.


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