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10 Pak Pre cut Mats
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Economy Secret Is Good Backing Materials versus Bad Backing Materials

You've already made the decision that the image you have is fine, you like it.  However, if ruined, it could be printed again..  Or, it is just something you like now but are not planning to keep "forever".  Our economy backings are designed for framing.  Although not acid free and not archival, they are still made from quality materials.  Thinking about using cardboard?  Think about your newspaper when it is left out in the sun.  That will give you a glance into the near future.  If it is worth framing, you will want it to look decent for, at least, a little while. Click on image to select back sizes and colors.

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Picture Frame Backs w/o attached Hanger Hardware

Economy Picture Frame Backs w/o Hangers

Economy picture frame backs without hangers come in two types.  First, matboard backers that are made of the same matboard as mats but without the window.  These are the least expensive backs.  Second, 1/8" white foam core.
Paper based backs, We offer two types of matboard backs.  Our white cream core mats are white on both sides and are a standard when foam core is too thick for your installation.  :Matboard Backers" are available with 1 side white and 1 side a random color.  The backs are made up from matboard that has been overstocked or discontinued.  These are our least expensive backs.  White side may have small manufactuers numbers printed on 1 edge. Great backs and great cost cutter for volume users.
Foam Core is the most used back because it resists warping and is "stiffer" and lighter weight.  However, it's 1/8 inch thickness versus 1/16 inch for matboard backers can be a problem in smaller sizes because the frame rabbet, distance between the lip where the glass goes and the back of the frame, is too small to accommodate foam core.


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