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Picture Frame Backs Are A Necessity.

No one sees the back.  No, but your prints are attached to it!  You essentially lay your print on the back.  If the image you are framing is only a casual print you will discard, don't worry about it. Use economy materials.  If it is an image you would like to keep for a little while, use Standard backing material.  If a print cost you a lot, or it has sentimental value or you just like your framing to remain fresh and bright, use archival backs. Click on image to select back sizes and colors.


Art Supplies are more than paint and paper

Framers Tape, Archival Hinging Tape, Transfer Tape, Glue, Brillianize, Mounting Corners and all the accessories that make your picture framing job easier. 

Click on image to see details and sizes.

See the colors and feel the textures. These Mat and Foam Core kits contain 2 in x 4 in samples of the actual mats and actual backing. They also contain a sample precut mat and sample presentation plastic bag A must for the professional art marketer.



Precut Mats, Photo Mats, bulk cut mats. overruns, overstocks, experiments, one time special buys. Cash in on these great buys. All first quality materials and first quality manufacturing. Limited quantities and no rain checks, reserves or returns! Always changing. So, check Bings Bargains often! Please remember that mat colors will vary depending on the monitor. Exact matches to screen not guaranteed. Backs and bags sold separately.


Presentation Bags: clearer than glass, resealable, durable

Clear bags protect your images from dust, dirt and handling so your art has maximum impact. Very important, these resealable bags have the adhesive on the body of the bag and not on the flap so It will not catch your artwork putting it in or taking it out of the bag. Our clear bags are perfect for note cards, photos and all other art. These poly bags are made from Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) that gives you a durable presentation bag that is clear as glass and considered archival as well!. It replaces glassine sleeves, cellophane and shrinkwrap for protecting artwork while maintaining maximum impact.

Precut Picture Frame Mats

There are many grades of mats.  We sort them into three categories:  Archival, Standard and Economy.  Each has their own specific characteristics and uses. The best way to select mats is to decide what qualities are important to you and for your project.  Click on the image to select mats in each category.


At it is all about options because every project is different.  In frames we offer a Complete package that has everything you need other than your image.  We have Framekits that do not have a mat so you can select one of our many available mat options or even use a mat you already have.  Or, you can buy just the assembled frame or even  "chop", a  frame cut to size, unassembled.  Click on the image to select frame sizes and colors.


Economy Mats and Backs

Economy, in our case, does not mean the mats and backs are not manufactured properly.  It only means that ingredients and thickness varies from our Standard products to reach a low price point.  

Generally, they are made from 100% recycled materials.  This means there may occasionally be a few tiny black specs in the core.  

The mats are acid neutral, some say acid free.  We do not use that term for economy mats because the mat board is not lignin free.  Therefore, although the economy mat board has a neutral ph, acid neutral, at time of manufacture; the acid will eventually come back because the acid producing properties, lignin, are still present.  The mat board has calcium carbonate, "Maalox for matboard", added to help retard acidification.  

The economy mats are manufactured slightly thinner than most standard or archival mats.

Like standard mats, economy mat board uses dyes in the face papers that are less expensive, waterbased dyes rather than pigmented dyes.  They provide great looking colors, but are not as permanent as the dyes used in archival mats.  

How long will they last?  It is hard to predict.  I have seen economy mats last for many years in certain conditions and I have seen them turn within a year.  A lot depends on where the picture frame is hung.  Heat, humidity and light effects all art work.  

Economy mats are usefull for those times you want a temporary solution or you are selling at a very low price point.

Acrylic Glazing (plexiglass)

Acrylic Glazing

Acrylic glazing also often called Plexiglass, Acrylite or Lucite is clearer than glass.  Glass has a slight green tint.  Modern manufacturing can now make acrylic in the same versions offered in glass...clear, non-glare and ultra violet filtering.  It is lighter than glass and, of course, it is stronger than glass.  And, it is safer than glass.

If you are framing the standard photograph or inkjet print and other non-collectible that can be reproduced, standard clear acrylic will be fine.  If you want greater longevity, use uv filtered acrylic.  It screens 98 to 99 percent of uv light from sun, flourescent light and general light sources.

If you are framing an image that will be across from natural light or flourescent/incandescent light sources that cause a reflection, consider non-glare acrylic.  It is amazingly clear while eliminating most of the reflection.

Usually acrylic glazing can be simply dusted with a soft cloth. If cleaning is required a simple mixture of soap and water is sufficient.  Don't use Windex and other cleaners with ammonia. For extra polishing, Brillianize in our supply section is the best I have used.  It is also a great anti static.

Modern acrylic is now a standard in the picture framing industry.  Try it!

Click on Acrylic image below to see all the sizes available.



Multi media has come to the picture frame industry

Our multi-media mats cover the gamut from hot stamp foil printing, carved mats, vgroove designs, lettermats and fabric mats. Although standard designs are available, we encourage inquiries about custom work.   Just call 1-800-385-6540 and ask for Bing.

Show Kits

Showpack ("Show Kits") for art shows and gallery bins

Welcome to Showpack Central! The mat, back and clear, resealable bag combination is now a staple of the art world. Perfect for transportation and protection of matted art and perfect for gallery display bins. We have one of the largest offerings if not the largest offering of Show Kits in the industry. We offer the Show Kits in all of our in-stock mat variations.  Click on image to see size and color choices.

1step easy

1step easy takes the mystery out of matting your image

1step easy™ is a creation of® for customers who have little knowledge of matting and framing or who simply want an easy answer to mat their image.  Instead of separately buying tape or go through the often laborious process of alligning a print, 1step easy provides a back that indicates exactly where to position your print. It also provides tape already in position.  Simply place your artwork within the guides, expose tape and press lightly.  Place your mat on the picture and backing.  Expose the tape at the top on the backing and press lightly. Put your print in the super clear, resealable bag. It is so easy. Click here to view instruction sheet. Click on image to see size and color choices.

Kits for the Classroom

Our future is closely tied to education.  Without art instruction, art appreciation, art history and art demonstrations, we do not have a future that includes creativity..  These kits are a way for to assist he classroom experience in some small way.  Celebrate the Art!


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