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10 Pak Pre cut Mats
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 Single Color or full 4 Color Printed mats are now available due to new digital technology.  Dies and plates were additional cost and had limitations on size.  We now can print designs, logos and lettering in 4 colors without the expense of a die.  We can even reproduce signatures and comments digitally.  Further, we can print 4-color designs in any size up to 28x36 inches.  We welcome projects that involve custom designs of your own. Email or text us at 706-686-3571 or go to for additional information..



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Click on image to see some of our favorite stock designs that display the possibilities of our "Patterns".  Available in singles or multiples.  Printed on White Core Mat with Archival Pigmented Inks for both bright, deep colors and light pastels.colors.  


Beautiful shapes and colors projecting different moods and emotions. 

These printed mats reflect images never seen in mats.  New printing technology allows you to add a contemporary flair to your image.  

Lots of Dots

There are so many different dots!  Dots in one color or multiple colors, in one size or different sizes.  The dots say "happy" to any image presentation.  Printed with archival inks that assure they remain happy for a long time. 


Traditional Gingham designs are a great compliment to your image. New printing technology allows us to print these delicate textures and colors directly on your mat.  Not a :"stickon" or imprint, these images are printed directly into the mat with archival inks.  A great combination of traditional design and modern technology.


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